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miyaviicontest is a icon contest community where members can submit icons based on a specific theme, based around the Japanese music artist miyavi. A new challenge will be posted every Tuesday, it is then up to you to come up with an icon/s by the following Monday (or stated date). Voting will then take place until Sunday evening, winners will then be announced on the following Monday - just in time for the next challenge to be posted. Banners will follow shortly...

[x] Each week a member may submit up to two icons (unless stated otherwise).
[x] Each icon must have been made by you - the member who is submitting it. Any icons that may have been seen as ripped or have been made by someone else will be disqualified immediately. [x] You are not allowed to post your icon anywhere else until the challenge has ended.
[x] Only original icons may be submitted. That means no icons you have made in the past and feel may suit the theme.
[x] Each icon submitted must meet LJ requirements, 100x100 pixels and 40kb or less. And must be related to the given theme.
[x] All icons must be hosted by photobucket, imageshack, tinypic or another well-known image host.
[x] Animated icons cannot be submitted unless the challenge calls for them.
[x] Any icons submitted after the deadline will not be accepted.
[x] Mods may also enter the challenge if they wish.

Submissions must be set out in the following manner:


[Icon URL]

Voting and Winners
Voting will take place in the form of a poll. Members should choose their favourite three icons, and the winners will be chosen from the top 3. There will also be a ‘Mod’s Choice’ which is unrelated to the poll, and will be chosen by the moderartor who posted the challenge.

Winners will be rewarded with a customised banner, made by one of the banner makers. All banners will be posted within a week of the voting ending.

Staff and Credit
Moderators - ka_dono&&ruki_koi&&aleilisth
Banner Makers - liangzhu, summerdrummer, bleed_lovely, fluidic & hillsoffire

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